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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Friday, January 19, 2007

9:44 AM - Some info:

My work email address is:

and you can finally find some fotos on Yahoo:

Other than that... We finally have full control of everything at the hospital chapel now. Took a little while longer than expected and for reasons I really don't know but we have it and that is good. My Chaplain is a little goofy, but a good man. He likes to eat...a little bit more than I do believe it or not. But we don't really go to the American DFAC (chow hall) too often, our poison of choice is the Korean DFAC or the Korean snack bar! That is some good eating and a lot healthier than the grease filled and fat laid yet great tasting stuff at ours.
Yesterday we got dumped on with the snow! I loved every minute of it! Good God I miss Alaska sometimes. Although New Mexico got dumped on pretty harsh right before I left...but thats not very normal, not to that degree anyway.
Our Chief here gets boxes like nothing I have ever seen. I think he has even out done the priest I was in Iraq with and he got alot of stuff about every day it seemed. but anyway to the point... he has this guy back in the states who has a good sum of money from his business that he is now retired from and he is a Vietnam Vet and because he remembers how sucky it can get (though it could always be worse) he spends an unknown amount of cash money on the troops over here and in Iraq. He will a dozen TVs at Sams and send them, he will send Krispy Kreame (I miss those) he sends all sorts of things to the troops or to one of the higher ups to give out to the troops. The Chief and him are good friends so of course the Chief gets a good amount and we were talking earlier today and he was telling me he got some coffee in and I could have some of I wanted (knowing that I do love my coffee) so I was like "Yeah!" Next thing I know I get 10 bags of Starbucks coffee! What is that 100 bucks!?!?! Being the good Chaplain Assistant that I am, I am sharing it with the people in my hut and with some of the other fellow coffee addicts in the hospital. So its good to hear of those that make big cash money in their life and remember still what it took to get there, hard work and freedom. The Secret Santa from Kansas City was alot like that also... often time we never here of these people just of the Donald Trumps who fight with other multi-millionares.

That was alot of rambling but really I don't care just wanted to type something since I am still kinda fighting with myself trying to decide if I should write about anything going on at the hospital, non-military of course I wouldn't ever report of another US military member. Their familys need the report from some one else other than the news first. It is interesting...and pretty different!!

much love to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Lowell,

Just a quick note to let you know I'm checking out your daily blogs, thinkin of ya, and hoping everything is going well. Sorry to hear about your digital camera. I actually just bought a sweet used one from some guy who said he "found it." By sheer coincidence, it has some great pics of a museum & VA Beach pre-loaded on it. Weird.

Keep posting, stay safe & I'll talk to you soon.


Blogger Thom said...


Good to hear you are settling in "over there". I wish I was "over there". I will do what I can. I've been keeping up on my reading from the daily new - not usa but close. Take good care of my army cousins. You know I am half army. Connie and Shanda said to tell you "Hi". And if you need anything let us know.

Love & Blessings, Thom  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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