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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Monday, January 08, 2007

9:02 PM - BAGRAM!!!

So I finally got here!! Everything went pretty smooth...for the most part anyway. Bagram is certainly a different place than Balad! The good, we can get internet connections in our huts, cell phones to call the states and everything we really need including work is with-in a few blocks of this place. The bad, living conditions are very different 8 to a building with our own little corner to make home (I will upload pics of it later) the DFACs are a bit different but I haven't been here a full week so I do not know how that will go as of yet. Overall its real nice just different is all. Oh again I will upload some pics later but killer view of these mountains! Not sure what mountains these are but they are just beautiful! We still haven't really started work yet. The higher ups of the Air Force are still trying to get everything situated for the take over for the Army hospital. Oh and I live with my chaplain 4 docs/nurses and a couple of enlisted people from the hospital they are all good people. The chaplian I am with is a real cool guy. Outgoing just enough yet not so much that we are going to be outside the wire soon...if ever :-)

Ok now for the bad news... I LOST MY FREAKING DIGITAL CAMERA!!!! AHHHHH!! So I lost my pics of virgina beach, and the museum we went to over there. Whatever!! Jsut kinda pisses me off just a bit. 400+ bones gone! So I am going to purchase this little crappy 88 dollar camera that they have here and then upgrade to something a little better once I get home. Thats that.

So for now much love to you all and I will see ya soon enough. At the moment there seems a bit too much confusion on our mailing address...people just seem confused over all :-) but I will post that as soon as I can. Much love to you all!!


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Anonymous Dorthea Smith said...

Hey Man I glad that you got there safely. Sure do miss you. Ryan has started his 2nd semester of seminary college and loves his classes. I work at the school only now and finally left walmart. Things are going great AND THERE ARE NO BABIES. So don't believe whatever dad says. we miss you and love you very much.
Dorthea and Ryan Smith  

Anonymous the dad said...

Hey, Lowell, Dorthea got knocked up. NOt sure how since she says Ryan didn't do it. UNCLE!!!  

Blogger jeff said...

I am glad you like the view there. I enjoyed it everytime I came in there. And you know Dortheas full of crap. She will have baby midgets someday soon. Why does it seem like you always lose a bunch of crap or get it stolen? People must see you as gulable.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lowell.. update already.. I'm waiting on an addy still

Katt :)  

Blogger ashes said...

I'm not sure if your still in Bagram, but I as curious on how things are going there if you are. My dad's and his troops are there at the moment (Army) they arn't staying there but we don't know when they are leaving yet, and I just want to know what he's up against. Thank you  

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