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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

7:53 AM - To my Great Grandma Shelton, Dortha...We Love You!

My Great-Grandma died last night. I really don't have any details other than that at this moment.
Yesterday Golden Corral (a restaurant) gave a free meal to all active duty military in honor of veterans day. There was a long line that I was in for a little more than an hour with a co-worker/fellow service woman. We joked and had a lot of fun, messing with her kids and all of that...sometime during all of this would be about the time she took her final breath and died. She died, and life stills goes on. I was joking and laughing it up with some friends while she died, thats how it goes, sudden.
Her death is sad but I don't know why it is because it really shouldn't be. She didn't have a short life, she didn't have many if any regrets. I mean just think about it my killer great-grandma lived through both world wars (real young with WWI) a depression, civil rights movement, a recession, a gulf war, Sept 11th the latest Afghanistan and Iraqi war against terrorism. Oh and most all of this while living on an Iowa farm being a farmers wife and a farmer herself. What have we done in our life?
My best memories and most vivid memories of her is her sitting at the head of the table "Grandma's spot" while 30+ family members ate Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners around the table, in the living room, in the basement and outside and of course there was always the "Kids table" and we just couldn't wait till we were old enough to sit at the big table with grandma and all the other grown ups. Trying to get to her hand made noodles that no one can duplicate no matter how we tried through the years before everyone else ate 'em up and grandma would bring out the other batch of her famous noodles because of course the first batch wouldn't last much past the 8th person.
There was a picture I took of her that I wanted to throw up on this post but for the life of me I can not find it and I really have absolutely no idea what I did with it. If I do find it I will put it up. I took the picture the last time I saw her on my way to New Mexico from Alaska. My mom, the one person who really understood my grandma Sheltons craze for flowers and all thing plants (not saying my other family members didn't just that I am bias because she is my mom :-) )got her some flowers, and of course my lack of knowledge with anything to do with flowers I have no clue what but I know she loved them, planted them outside and my sister, me and my grandma who was sitting were watching my mom plant this flowers. So I took some pictures just like in the years past never really knowing how much time I really had with her. I am just glad I am old enough to realize these things because as a kid you just want to watch TV or play outside and usually want to be left alone. I never did spend enough time with my other grandparents who have died in the past, but I am happy with the last few visits I have had with her.

--I just got done looking something up but I am wrong on the name, I thought it was called a funeral march but I guess I am 100% wrong from the sites I was looking at. The idea I remember reading about sometime ago was people getting together at a funeral and walking around town singing and playing music in celebration of the departed life rather than mourning their death. I think in this specific instance that is something I would love to erg my family on, not the walking around town playing music per say but to celebrate her life, it was long and wonderful and I only hope to God I can feel half that full when I go.


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I'm sorry. But it's like you said earlier, right?  

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