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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Monday, October 23, 2006

4:07 PM - My name in Google

Someone just recently contacted me that I haven't heard from in a long while and I got interested in how she found me on the internet, granted it isn't hard to find someone on the net if you know just a little bit about the person but for fun and for curisoty sake I decided to type name into the Google and see if it was that easy... well I guess so! I didn't know this but I was in Iraq during last Christmas and like most people did a Holiday greeting back home for my family and friends. well that was the first thing that popped up, Google has it on Google Videos. That is pretty cool and exciting...and scary, watch out ladies... any vids made can and most likely will be found on Google Videos or on the YouTube :-)

Oh and of course some of my posts from this are on there as is an article written about some of the people I worked with in Iraq from the base paper showed up as well.


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