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Thursday, September 21, 2006

12:49 PM - Make everyone rich, no wars?

Here is an interesting little artice that tries to show that if everyone in the world was rich we would no longer have wars. A side note for you all first is that it is a PDF file so you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it which is a free download

What the author tries to show is that in times past the rich has been able to get out of wars. He sites examples such as,
...parents of U.S. politicians who pulled strings to keep their kids out of Vietnam,
In Kosovo, the rich nations would not let their children get any closer to the sharp end than fifteen thousand feet.
And then he says something kind of illogical
A world full of rich people will obviously be too wussy to go to war, so war will die out.

Another one of my favorites:
Genocide, so appealing to poor people, will be counterproductive in a rich world because it will amount to one less cultural tourism venue.

First we have to look at the past and look at history. Rome was by far one of if not the richest countries in the world at its prime. Yet it was in the middle of more battles, more bloodshed then just about any other country or poor tribe around it. Rome wanted to concur the world. The Inca empire was certainly not poor by any stretch! They made everything out of gold, and to this day we have people looking for city of gold and all the artifacts that were hidden, they were in control of a good portion of western South America, because of war. France with Napoleon, again not what I would call a poor nation, tried to take over the world. Then we move to 1930s Germany, by this point in time for Germany Hitler had exploded the economy, and they were part of the rich nations, and well we all know what happened from there huh? Actually till just a few years ago only rich nations started the big nasty wars.
Why do people go to war? Power! Not money! Actually the richer they are the easier it will be. People go to war over religion, control, land, world domination but not so much for money. Now I guess the theory could go that the rich control the poor and thus if everyone was rich there wouldn't be any control. Still a stupid idea! First what is rich? It wasn't explained. If I lived in Sierra Leone and was able to keep my bank account that I have now, well I am one rich guy over there, and let me tell you I don't have all that much in there. But I could multiply my bank account by 10 and I still wouldn't be considered rich in America, just well off. if I have Millions I will be rich but there will always be someone richer still and before you know it greed pops in and I want all of that countries money and they go for it, that is IF money was the root of war.

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