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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

7:35 AM - Finally Back!!!

I am finally back!! YIPPIE! Sorry I haven't been able to call anyone lately, my phones have been shut-off. And as luck would have it the stupid CellularOne didn't cancel my account like I told them to and now I owe them a load of money and they sent this crap to collections so they "can't help me" whateva! They don't have my social so we shall see how that all works.

On the way back we got "stuck" in Ireland. Three kids were running around at the hotel asking for everyones autographs. That was pretty cool. Then all the Irish guys were buying rounds left and right, I have no clue how much they spent but it had to be in the hundreds! I recieved 5 genuine Irish Guinness drinks!! Couldn't tell the guy no, what choice did I have LOL!! Not sure if it was b/c I hadn't ate anything in a while or what but normally in the states I get full from 2. What a place!

JAWS- You actually enjoy Quatar? I would go out of my mind there!

The friends back here were going to have a huge party for me and alot of ppl were here, but because of the Ireland thing I got back a day later. so no big hello, just some co-workers...yippie.

I will be getting the phones turned on shortly...hopefully, I just want to get all this in-processing crap done first. Then I should be able to hit it up. I don't know how much more I will be updating this thing since it is all over with, I will be putting up one more post some time before I go back to work, about my views on a couple of things. but other than that hope you enjoyed this, and if you aren't apart of my family and friends, I hope you had a good time reading my rambblings about nothing :-)

Much love and see ya in another life when we are both cats.....

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Anonymous the dad said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!! YOUR MOTHER HAS BEEN WORRIED JUST SICK ABOUT YOU! Poor woman, laying around worried to pieces and you're over there drinkin' till all hours of the night! Did you think of getting at least one Guiness back home for your poor old thirsty Daddy????? We're keeping Levi till you come up with at least a six pack of the stuff!!!  

Anonymous the dad said...

GO - TO - BASE - LEGAL!!!!! Take that bill, and the bill you had before you left, or the one you got after you got there, and the collection papers. We all know that ain't right. It's gotten so the big companies have no compassion or American loyalties. It's only about their 'god', money.

BUT, ABOUT YOUR DOG, Mom took him to the vet the other day and got an exam with shots. He's doing ok, Has some kind of knot on his shoulder. Probably from fighting with Bernard. The Doc, while examining him quickly grabbed a rectal thermometer, lifted his tail and shoved it in. Levi kind of scrunched his butt down and gave a coyote-type yowl. Not sure if the thermometer was cold or Levi just didn't have the 'gay' gene. He wasn't ready for it. Everybody was laughing. Even the Doc smiled. Now when Mom does the Coyote-type yowl in fromt of him, he tucks his tail between his legs.  

Blogger Hola' Ola' said...

I am happy to see that you are BACK from your long journey. Welcome Home Soldier! It was a blessing getting to know you and to see the work you guys are doing first hand. Thanks for keeping the journal and for fighting for this country and our freedom! It is greatly appreciated! Enjoy your time of rest before you have to get back into the grind.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sad.. there is no more Lowell blog.. must have Lowell blog.. goign through withdrawls... *faints*


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