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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

7:35 AM - Finally Back!!!

I am finally back!! YIPPIE! Sorry I haven't been able to call anyone lately, my phones have been shut-off. And as luck would have it the stupid CellularOne didn't cancel my account like I told them to and now I owe them a load of money and they sent this crap to collections so they "can't help me" whateva! They don't have my social so we shall see how that all works.

On the way back we got "stuck" in Ireland. Three kids were running around at the hotel asking for everyones autographs. That was pretty cool. Then all the Irish guys were buying rounds left and right, I have no clue how much they spent but it had to be in the hundreds! I recieved 5 genuine Irish Guinness drinks!! Couldn't tell the guy no, what choice did I have LOL!! Not sure if it was b/c I hadn't ate anything in a while or what but normally in the states I get full from 2. What a place!

JAWS- You actually enjoy Quatar? I would go out of my mind there!

The friends back here were going to have a huge party for me and alot of ppl were here, but because of the Ireland thing I got back a day later. so no big hello, just some co-workers...yippie.

I will be getting the phones turned on shortly...hopefully, I just want to get all this in-processing crap done first. Then I should be able to hit it up. I don't know how much more I will be updating this thing since it is all over with, I will be putting up one more post some time before I go back to work, about my views on a couple of things. but other than that hope you enjoyed this, and if you aren't apart of my family and friends, I hope you had a good time reading my rambblings about nothing :-)

Much love and see ya in another life when we are both cats.....

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

2:47 PM - Letter to Muslims

Here is something that was emailed to me, I have no clue how this person got my email address, I don't even know who it is but either way I like it. I had often wondered if this religion of peace (Muslims) taught peace so much then why aren't these peace speaking people in an up-roar with what is being done to their religion? This is apperantely from a Muslim to all the Muslims out there on how is he/she is sick and tired of the hate filled Muslim community. Its about time, now is anything going to be done about it or is it just something that will be pushed to the side and forgotten about?


(Read And Circulate Message For Peace)

Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters,

God forbid if any one of our near one and dear one is killed then the killer is evil, a beast and what not and should get penalty but if one among us kills anybody then he is not evil and we start lying, denying or even justifying the killing.... double standards?

Being Muslims, many of our brothers and sisters are not working for peace. They are misguided, mistaken and spreading the virus of hatred and revenge through telling deliberate lies, disinformation and false accusations, which is resulting in death and miseries for number of innocent people living around the world at the hands of merciless KILLER MUSLIMS and also bringing bad name to Mohammed (PBUH) who never killed anyone in his life time.

Instead of teaching about Good & Evil, certain Radical Muslim Clerics are only "Trading in Religion". They teach us about accusing, abusing and killing the non-Muslims. They try to hypnotize us to Hate and Kill the non-Muslims and brethren of other sects or be killed and without using any common sense, we readily believe in whatever is being said by these Hate Mongers. Actually, they are "Agents of Satan" who is paying them heavily and in return they are cutting at the very roots of the Ummah. Instead of "Mourning" most of the Muslims are rejoicing on the brutal killings of the non-combatant innocent civilians and "The Murderers" have always been "Our Great Heroes".

Before it is too late and the Curse Of God falls upon us, we should use common sense, find out the TRUTH and must change ourselves to save Muslims from becoming the most "Hated, Isolated, Discredited and Suspicious" people in the world. We must start working for promoting "Sectarian Harmony and Religious Tolerance" in the society and should prove to the WORLD through our deeds that Islam is not a religion of Zero Tolerance and Mohammed (PBUH) teaches "Love & Peace"
and not Gangsterism, Terrorism, Barbarism, Extremism, Sectarianism, Cruelty, Inhumanity and "Hatred & Killing" of the innocent civilians.

Islam is a religion of peace. Islam teaches respect and love for all even the animals. But many narrow-minded Muslims have so far failed to learn anything good from the teachings of Mohammed (PBUH) who preaches love for the peoples of all religions. We are far away from the basic principle of Islam i.e. "Enjoining the people to do Good and forbidding them from Doing Evil" and thus, possess no quality of the civilized society. Unfortunately, many of us show Zero Tolerance towards others and have wrongly learnt few thing to be called as good Muslims and those are "hate" the non-Muslims and “Accusing, Abusing and Cursing” the non-Muslims. ...act of madness?

The killing of others in the name of religion is a Sin. Can a FATHER ever teach his Children to be the permanent Enemies of each other?

The time has come for us to stop readily believing in whatever is being said, read and written by the LIARS / Hate Mongers. Unfortunately, some misguided-Muslims believe that the Holy Koran and Holy Prophet
(PBUH) both have instructed Muslims that the opponents be KILLED and that they are simply following the orders. We should use our own common sense and only believe which is logical, convincing and in the best interest of the humanity.

Why do we hate others so much, may be they are better humans then what we are. My feeling is that the Muslims should unite to discredit and deactivate the fringe mullahs (Preachers of Hate) who promise a quick trip to paradise to people who have little and sacrifice themselves with bombs strapped to their bodies. If the mullahs (THE LIARS) thought that it really was a way to paradise they would be strapping bombs to themselves! Their followers are kept too ignorant to see this for themselves and enlightened Muslims should educate them. We must promote understanding and peace. We are all watched by the same God and need to help one another, not Hate and Hurt.

Our contention is that the WORLD should resolve the conflicts facing the Muslim World to stop the terrorism. Unfortunately, all the disputes facing the Muslim World are our self created. The root causes of all the disputes are based on the Muslim Philosophy of Hate against the non-Muslims. The Muslim literature, teachings and preaching are spreading and injecting this hatred in hearts and minds of the Muslims.
Our intolerant behavior is further proved by the root causes of all the pending conflicts that we (Muslims) cannot live side by side in peace with the non-Muslims. All the disputes facing Muslim World can be resolved easily, only if we (the Muslims) are able to condemn the “Philosophy of Hate” created in us by our past and present elders who have divided the peoples of the world in the name of “Religion, Cast and Creed”.

Fellow Muslims! if God is one and he loves mankind, we should value each others life and strive to protect each other than thinking that if we kill we shall have reward. God looks at human beings not as belonging to different religions, that is why the rain falls to all, the sun shines to all and we all breathe the air freely. We are all created or given life in the very same way- whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew etc. Let us learn to love each other sincerely.

The change of heart and mind is possible to achieve if we keep up our relentless efforts for a violence free and peaceful world. We need to preach love, kindness and humanity with extremist devotion and mission. The mullahs (THE LIARS) and the preachers of HATE must be excommunicated at every level and we should stop giving them donations as it is our money which is being used by them to spread HATRED for killing of the innocents.

We must also stop dividing the World into Muslim and non-Muslim blocks. Our political leaders and religious teachers must offer positive ideas. Without the ability to imagine a better world, we cannot build anything together. Tolerance of the beliefs of other peoples in the world, warmth and friendship across racial cultures MUST be the objective of all peace loving people worldwide. What is being offered today through religion is “Death, Destruction and Sufferings”.


Merciful God, please give to peoples of the world, the required wisdom and determination, to Forgive and Forget the bitterness of the past and learn to live in peace like brothers and sisters, by condemning the divisions and hatreds created in us by our past and present elders.

Please Read And Circulate this Message For Peace. Thank you.

Peace Activist

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

6:53 AM - Rain, rain go away, come again some other AEF!

In Alaska during the winter the snow seems to never go away because it hardly ever gets above 32 degrees, here in Iraq the water from the rain seems to never go anywhere since the ground is made of clay instead of real dirt. How do these people farm anything!!?? We have dubbed the "Lake" in front of the chapel The Tuskagee Lake. I am just glad they put the sidewalks in before it got like this, imagine this pic and going to the back of your dorm without a sidewalk? Either that or walk all the way around and hope the other side isn't like this. I have more pics up on the fotoblog you all should check this water!Well sorry about the slow updates again, growing a bit short here. I obviously am not allowed to give out dates but to be honest I have no clue when I am to be back just that I should be ready. Which of course I am not. I am a guy we pack the day before we go on a trip! But things are coming to a close and all to happy to get back to AMERICA! Hang with some good 'ol friends and have some good fun before it is time for me to PCS (move to a new location). Then it would be time to start all over a meet new people for another 3-4 years before it is once again time to move. I have started to ship things back to the ol' AK, should take about 6 months before it gets there, joking...I hope. Much love to all and talk with you all later, hopefully when I get back.


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Friday, January 06, 2006

5:51 PM - Too Funny!!!

I couldn't help I just had to link to this blog!! I actually thought about doing this sorta thing as a side project shortly after I got here, and let me tell ya there are some great ones here but this guy has a good amount of funny ones also. To see what the *crap* I am talking about check out:


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Thursday, January 05, 2006

1:20 PM - The Rose Bowl

Wow!!! I got up with Ch McDaniel who is a huge Longhorns fan at 0330 to watch the Rose Bowl. Wanna talk about an impressive game all around! Every play kept you on edge, I don't think I have ever seen a game that great! In any sport! This is a picture right after half time of most of the Longhorn fans giving the "Hook 'Em" horns.

The highlights from the 41-38 win


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Sunday, January 01, 2006

11:00 AM - 2005 in review

So its a new year and as so many other places have done I will try to look at the year 2005 from my point of view. If you want to see the death toll and the lovely things that people want you to know so you will be against the war, democracy and people like me go some where else, I will be bias because I can be! This is the good stuff for once, enjoy.

  • Jan. 30: In a major political milestone, millions of Iraqis turn out to elect a 275-seat National Assembly. Shiite parties win 48 percent of the seats, Kurdish parties win 26 percent, and Sunnis largely boycott the vote.
  • March 29: The Iraqi National Assembly convenes for the first time.
  • April 6: Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, is elected president of the new Iraqi government. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, a Shiite, and Ghazi al Yawer, a Sunni, are elected vice presidents. The next day, Ibrahim al Jaafari, a Shiite, is appointed prime minister.
  • May 27: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region Division, announces it has completed its 1,000th reconstruction project in Iraq, a school in the town of Zahko. In all, some $8 billion would be spent on reconstruction projects through 2005.
  • July 17: The first charges of crimes against humanity — relating to the killing of 148 people in the village of Dujail — are filed against Saddam Hussein.
  • Sept. 18: In a historic vote, Afghans turn out in droves to elect their first representative parliamentary government.
  • Oct. 15: Iraqi voters turn out by the millions to approve a national constitution. A December vote on the makeup of the government is set.
  • Oct. 19: The trial of Saddam opens, and after a brief few hours, adjourns for five weeks. The trial continues in fits and starts through the end of the year.
  • Nov. 11: Secretary of State Rice inaugurates the first Provincial Reconstruction Team in Iraq, while on a visit to Mosul. The concept, which began in Afghanistan, combines military, diplomatic and engineering efforts to help in rebuilding efforts.
  • Dec. 15:Millions of Iraqis go to polling places to elect their first full-term government since the 2003 American invasion. Early voting results show Shiite parties in the lead; by late December, Sunnis and other groups were protesting the results, which had not yet been finalized.
  • Dec. 20:The Pentagon announces a troop cut in Afghanistan, bringing the total number of forces down from 19,000 to 16,500 for the year 2006.

  • Some 200,000 Iraqis have been trained for the Iraq military and police forces, amajor part of the plan to leave Iraq.
  • As of Dec 15th we are keeping under 138,000 troops in the AOR
  • In October, troops deployed to Afghanistan were called on to help with earthquake relief missions in neighboring Pakistan. The quake killed some 80,000 people.
  • Iraq has been handed over some 2 dozen bases that were controlled by the US and other allies.
  • Cindy Sheehan is still alive.

PEACE (0900 here is midnight in Kansas City!)


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2:01 AM - Happy New Year


The Chap and I brought in the New Year like any good geek would, watching Battlestar Glactica! And then at midnight drank some good 'ol alcohol free Dublin Dr.Pepper that is made from Imperial Sugar rather than corn syrup. Not bad stuff. I will make a post tomorrow morning that will give a review of 2005!

PEACE and LOVE to all!!!!!!


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