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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Friday, December 23, 2005

8:02 AM - Merry Christmas!!

A bit early on the Merry Christmas thing but we will be a bit busier than I had originally thought, more on that after Christmas though.

Well let me see... I am horrible at keeping up on this and doing it frequently! Sorry! That's why I do this instead of writing letters, I just suck at that and never get around to finishing them. But we had a "Dining-in". It was alright. We all dressed in our best DCUs :-) (No Mess Dress here) and the Grog Bowl had no alcohol AHHHHH!!! But it certainly had near beer... just as near as a blade of grass is to a tree I guess. But it was good stuff. The Chief went around as Santa and dropped off some candy canes, and then a LT (mighty fine if I may say so myself) went around in a "Ms Santa" outfit. I have been here too long or she really did look pretty good in it. Of course we all tried to do the whole tradition of the rules, but no one really got called out to drink from the Grog Bowl since there wasn't any alcohol in it. Ah well, good stuff anyway!

A few days later we had out Christmas party which was real good fun! We all ate Popeye's chicken (just opened up YIPPIE!!) and did the White Elephant game. For those that don't know what that is, its basically where everyone buys a present and wraps it without their name so no one knows where it came from. Randomly pick a number from a hat and you go after a present from one to eight. Well the catch is one picks, then two can get one of the wrapped presents or they can take number ones and the one can get a new one, three can pick one or twos or get a new one. A present can be traded three times. White Elephant is basically a gag gift. I got a disposable camera. I already have three digital ones and trying to sale two of 'em. Ah well good stuff, good times! One of the chaps did parodies of Christmas carols of our staff. All of 'em were funny. But I can't upload them here. The Comm squadron won't let ya, something about taking too much bandwidth, BLAH.... we are the govt we should have all the bandwidth we need!! LOL ok slightly joking there :-)

Ah yes I can't forget the recent flood of care packages that have arrived for me here. The mom and dad hooked me up with the best ever Bottlecaps candy! yum yum! Already killed one of those boxes! Got a good 'ol Kansas City Chiefs hat! (we aren't going to talk about their performance 'till they win again! Then we can bring them back up... we will win again and he will wear the Elf outfit! I just know it!) An old neighbor (see what I meant about people just doing back alive, I love it) sent 4 boxes of goodies for the troops and for myself. We here at my location have plenty of toiltries but there are some out in the middle of no where that don't have as much as we do so we are able to make sure they are able to get their hands on it. Got some Alaskan Salmon from an old friend (thanks a bunch) and sorry mom the bottlecaps rock and are the best "candy" but one of my friends moms sent "puppychow" the best snack food on the face of this planet or any other planet!! YUM YUM!! Sadly its pretty much gone after only a few days. :-( but I got her cookies which are amazingly soft. But for those that don't know what puppychow is, (I don't know how you couldn't know of such a delight!) it is chex with chocolate/peanut butter and powdered sugar! I also received "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis. Reading is always a good thing when you are bored, and remember kids reading is gooder for you than that there tele!! *the More You Know* LOL Na I love to read.


Anonymous the dad said...

mom and dad are at the big brothers new place and using his computer. mom says connie had already made the puppy chow and was supposed to send that and some other goodies. mom was going to make the chow but she tolked to connie and she had already made it. mom was going to send the chiefs stuff, the book and extra bottle caps. hope you all enjoy it all. will be driving CHRISTmas day back home from jaws new place. one day off for me. drive, drive, drive!!!!! love you and merry CHRISTmas. proud of you and the rest of your people there.  

Anonymous mom said...

I'm sorry,I should have known to made more puppy chow.Did u like you're car?Merry Christmas I luv u O so very much & miss u 2.

Blogger binarypunk said...

Loved the car! But I donated it to the kids off base. We rarely get to give things to those outside the wire but we had someone that was going out so we asked and we got it done! And don't worry the puppy chow rocked and was as good of a surprise as the bottlecaps, and I think you know you out did her with the other present :-)

Love ya and Merry CHRISTmas!  

Anonymous grandma nanney said...

hey sweetfoot! sexy granny here. got a bunch of books in my car the library in Odessa gave me after I told them my story about our brave fellers over there wanting more books for there own library.I've given them many video tapes,books and mags.As u know we r at jeff and jen's place.children and dogs having great fun.can hardly wait to watch children open their gifts.Jen had good breakfast with sausage,eggs,potato,green pepper,hot pepper,and onions mixed together with side of shredded cheese,sour cream,burrito
shells and salsa + good coffee.Yummy!your mom is playing outside with girls and dogs.can't tell who's having most fun all r screaming loudly except dogs r barking with strong voice.all r laughing! never heard dogs laugh?
sorry you missed them. Love and kisses. Sexy granny  

Blogger SQWoof4 said...

The SQWoof4 said...

Hey airman, whats it like to have a sexy granny nanny? LOL!

The Flamewall crashed the PC trying to send ya some recent pics of him & DJ. So we need to get some tech help, for sure.

cuz SQWoof4vick  

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