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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

10:49 AM - Over 50,000 Iraqi insurgents dead, caught / 2000 soldiers dead...

Alright once again I am just sick and tired of it all!!! "Hey CNN you wanna play the numbers game look at my title!!!" According to Washington Times we have caught and killed 50,000 of these punk arse little... AHHHHHHHH!!!!! We have lost 2000 American military members as you can see if you watch CNN, which really hurts. I hate the idea of losing any American lives!! But there is sooo much good stuff going on here. Of course the insurgents are trying to hurt us but really they aren't doing that great. Here check it... how many people know that the constitution passed? Well it did and CNN...at least what we have seen from eating at the chow halls haven't gave that a second thought, barely a 4 minute blip before going to the big story, the 2000 deaths. If you look at CNN.com it is flooded with stories and photo galleries on the deaths. None on the front page talking about the consatution passing. How do you think that makes several thousand American Service Members feel while eating breakfast? Forget all the good stuff, right? Or how about the military training we are giving these Iraqis? Oh and for anyone out there that wants to tell me about how we just did that in the recent past with several other countries that eventually turned their backs on us and used our training and weapons against us... well you are right but we didn't help change their government 10 fold, we didn't free them and in the new Iraq the vast majority of the attacks are coming from non-Iraqis! Here is something to think about; the Iraqi constitution is the biggest historic event since the Berlin Wall coming down! Yet we are lucky to see it on page 3 with more than 100 characters to explain what happened while we have the front page and half the back page filled with how bad things are going, which they aren't!

Sorry I am not near as articulate as my chaplain...I get pissed and annoyed and let it be known. We have Army Soldiers and AF Airmen most likely going out side the wire today, as they normally do, and this is the first thing they see in the morning. Do you know how rewarding it would have been to instead give the death toll a small blip and all we heard was about the passing of the constitution! It would have helped everyone say "Yeah! We are making a difference!" But instead CNN is helping in the de-moralizing of our troops,

Thanks CNN!!!

Here is a link to my Chaplains comment on it, he can hold is anger back a bit better than I LOL. He has also sent his post in letter format to several people. Rush, white house, Aaron Brown, his local paper and local govt officials.

But finally just to say this because I know someone will say something... I have no prob with the telecasting of the deaths, non-at all!! I do have a problem with not telling both sides and not letting the American people know ANY of the good things going on over here!
'Much luv...'till next time,


Anonymous the dad said...

Made a comment to your chaplain, WE'll Write something significant to yours sooner or later. Luv ya. Keep up the good work and keep your chaplain happy and yourself bored!  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that media are really only out for reporting the news that will get the public's attention most. There is always something 'more important' to report on that will somehow make good news pale in comparison to bad news, especially when it involves the deaths of that many people. I'm not defending the media (CNN to be exact), but that's there business.

Ummm the comment above me.. you have "a wonderful ohio divorce lawyer blog here." What'd I miss?


Blogger SQWoof4 said...

Hi Lowell,

Please stay safe! Ok?

Hi to the dad, Mom, sibs, Grandma, & any lit' 4-leggers ya got back home!!

Keep bloggin' & stay bored, most of all take care!  

Blogger binarypunk said...

Thanx SQWoof4, the little 4-legger is with the parents for now...Katt, youdidn't miss anything its spam! If I put up some sort of key word they auto make a comment on these things with a link to make money.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

KEEL THEM! All them... there... spammers.. yeah... YEAH! :D


Blogger SQWoof4 said...

Hey, The Woof4guy posted at the "fun times" page, 'cuz he needs the blog for dummies book, and maybe so do I. Hope ya found it. :)  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Veteran's Day is November 11th and I hope that EVERY American will be flying the flag in honor of our troops fighting in Iraq and around the world to preserve our freedoms!

I can even tell you where to get one for free! Visit AmericanFlags.com right now and they'll send you a FREE American Flag. These flags were $19.99, but now they are FREE. You pay just for shipping/handling and they'll ship one to your door. (Actually - I've ordered more than 20 from them to give to my neighbors, as gifts, etc!)

Get your free flag now: **FREE AMERICAN FLAG**

Semper Fi!

Bill Adams  

Blogger Hola' Ola' said...

Airman in Iraq - I stumbled upon your blogsite by accident looking for something else, but it caught my attention and so I began reading. I have some friends over there fighting with you in Iraq, but have no real way to keep in contact with them. I wish they had blogsites like this one. I wanted to comment and say, I agree with you 100% here and my husband and I are sick to death of hearing the "Crap" that the media likes to spew for ratings, rather than the actual job that is taking place over there. Just know that no matter what the media has to say, there are tons of us back home that KNOW what is REALLY going on over there with you guys and we are VERY PROUD of ALL of YOU for what you ARE DOING for this country. Keep your heads up and know that there are more of us who have your back than don't. We love you all and feel like we know ALL of you who are fighting...I guess we tend to be able to relate to you all if we can relate to just one. I'll be checking your blog often and will also be lifting you up to the Father for Protection.
Hola Ola - TX  

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