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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

11:15 AM - Running out of clever titles....

Hmmm... today wasn't much but I did have that DV luncheon which was pretty good I think. It was with Lt. Gen. Buchanan. There were 3 tables with about 15-20 people per table. He sat across from me and one seat to my left. So he was pretty close which was pretty cool I thought. After talking and eating a little bit about this and that nothing really too big and bad just where I was from and all of that he got up gave his little speech about how great we are and important we are, which we are but its always something you expect them to say. He opened it up to questions and I was the only Airman (E-4 and below) to ask a question next was an E-5 and everyone else was a First Shirt (E-7 and above) I'll tell you my question but I don't know how many people out there will understand what I am talking about...
I asked since our annual clothing allowance only pays for two PT uniforms and we are required to have 4 sets while in the AOR (Area of responsibility) and the uniforms get very worn out while we are here because they are substituted over civies are there any plans for reimburstment or are we out of pocket...and as a follow up I suggested that we get rid of the clothing allowance all together and just issue all uniforms including the PT gear on a trade by trade basis. This would save the AF money by not giving the clothing allowance out to everyone that doesn't actually buy new uniforms every year and would help out the airmen (all ranks) by us actually getting the uniforms when we need them instead of going out of pocket and getting reimburst months later on our birth month.
-- As half expected I saw people roll their eyes but I honestly don't care I think its a good move in every aspect and would love someone tell me its not and why its not.
-- But his response...in a nutshell was that no there wasn't a plan for remurstment at this moment, it has been talked about but thats really about it :-( He also added that he liked the idea and suggested that the Command Chief here bring it up at the next Chiefs meeting. I plan on meeting him on one of our "Chapel Visitations" and explain it in further detail since I really didn't want to explain it up there in great detail. But that could have easily been a "blow this airman off and make him feel important" stratagy. I don't know, either way it was fun.
Thats really about it at the moment. Here is a Pic of me just a few moments ago, I just got out of the gym about an hour or so ago.
Oh I think I am going to start keeping a log of all the famous questions that a Chaplain Assistant gets asked. You wait and watch one of them will be over 50 by the time I leave! Here are the numbers so far...I am serious I get this all the time!!

--Is that a real job? 3
--Soo... are you like in training to be a chaplain? 2
--Oh you are like the body guard for the Chaplain right? 5
--Wow, how did you get that job? 3
--Thats gotta be easy, huh? 3
I think those are the big ones, oh and in order from top to last the answers are:
kinda but no, not really but I just say yes because its too complacated to explain
Cause I am that freaking cool, aight
really depends on your defination of easy huh? Perception is everything!

Well everyone out there in Cyber Space have a great morning/day/afternoon/evening/night...PEACE


Blogger JAWS said...

Cool question but are you a freaking idiot! You would end up costing me money and we can't have that so shut your trap. I get my uniforms issued to me and still get my clothing allowance so for you to ask that would cause me to loose money. On the flip side I don't see how it was a stupid question though. Then again how many people actually have all 4 of there BDU's And All 4 sets of Blues. Maybe fresh out of Basic but not as you go up in rank. It is too pricey. Did you get a coin from the General? What airplane did you fly on to get to Balad?  

Blogger binarypunk said...

Sadly no coin, I would have loved that though! Airplane? A big one LOL, 3,4,3 seats across and about 40-50 rows back. very nice though. And I hate having to go buy more uniforms just b/c its slightly faded from the starch or for what ever reason. then have to wait 8 months to see part of that money. bump it up or get rid of it. Its just something for them to say "Hey we gave you money to buy those uniforms" Its crap really. Care Packages? Sorry but I had to spend my clothing allowance on uniforms instead of care packages :-( I had no money. But hey you are doing well right? For get the cowboys stuff how about them OU gurls? Holy freaking crap!!!! As much as I would love for you to come on this road trip... well I don't think you could handle our partying and you are still higher ranking than I so I would hate to see you put in a position where you may have to testify. All is well and will talk to you soon, LATE!  

Anonymous mom said...

I think your pic is pretty cool.As far as your ? goes,Jaws & ur dad would be good to talk to on that.Is your bunk confortable?how is ur 1/4?Everything neet,put away,and clean?hope ur still doing good cutting down on smoking or stopping.Have you vis the hospital yet?  

Blogger slorozco said...

Awesome pic!! Sounds like your going to cost jaws some $$$. OK call me stupid but what does getting the coin from the General represent? Look at mom, still on your butt about being neat, clean and everything put away! Just kidding. Love & Miss ya.  

Blogger binarypunk said...

Hey Slorozco...sorry don't recongize the name... the coin is a tradition in the military, basically if you do something good or meet someone special you often get a coin. That is basically it. I am thinking about making a blog entry on it so more people understand it. And of course you gotta love the mom :-) always making sure eerything stays clean even in the dusty dirty desert!  

Blogger slorozco said...

slorozco "Aunt Sherry,and the rest of the Orozco Klan (Mike, Tevin & Tevin)Thanks for the info on the coin. I think it is great what you are doing and sooooo interesting!! See ya.  

Blogger slorozco said...

Oops!! Sorry about the typo, I meant Aunt Sherry, Mike , Tevin & Teah Orozco.  

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