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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

3:42 PM - The Predator

Well hello once again from the land of the sand! Today was pretty cool we went to the Predator squadron again, something we will do once a week, and I got my picture taken with this bad boy as you can tell. While there we watch some killer video feed made by the Predator and watch two A1Cs work the Predator. They do work alot and their hours aren't that great and we really can't talk to them when they are doing all of this they need to consintrate on what they are doing. I was talking to the Major in charge of it all and funny enough even with all of his pilot experience he says flying that thing is just one of the hardest thins he has done, BUT for these younger pilots and for that matter these Airmen around my age its really second nature. Instead of push/pull a button/lever kinda thing its more of a type on the keyboard and play a VERY REAL video game. Its just our generation I guess. But this is the future and I only wish I could tell you what this beast is made of. I am thinking about cross-training into something else and I just don't know what yet, I love computers and I don't really want to work with the troubleshooter guys maybe something like that would be good? I'll talk to them a bit more about there actual AFSC and what all it entails.
Yesterday another AF chaplain assistant came over from the other side of the base (the Army side) telling us how they really have nothing! They aren't getting the support that they need for a bunch of BS reasons I am really not going to get into on this but I told him that I would pass it on to you all. If anyone has ANY christmas stuff (lights, miniture trees...etc etc) that they would really like to pass on to us over here that would be great! Also as bad as our collection of books is... atleast we have some, over there they have Bibles and thats it. So any books would also be nice for them. But all the other stuff would still be great for both of us (calling cards, gift certificates to hand out to the troops, etc) if you have a preference let us know in the care package and we will give it to those you prefer. Again the mailing address is:

SrA Lowell Wann
332 AEW/HC
APO AE 09315-9997

But thanks ahead of time for anything sent. I hope you all enjoyed the pic I have another one I will upload tomorrow its of the same thing but a close up of me rather than of the entire UAV. Much love to all!


Anonymous bad dad said...

Actually, people who want to know what Lowell does for a living, I can tell you! Least amount possible and whatever keeps him out of trouble. He doesn't do his job very well at times. :]lol Hey, what about the "Case for Creator" stuff. I have four books of each I'd send: 2 each of Creator, Christ, Faith, and 1 Easter. What else lightweight, cheap and easy to send?  

Blogger binarypunk said...

Yeah I love that Lee Stroble guy, send those. And the bad dad is about half right... although I am pretty good at making it look like I am working! And the less you do the less trouble you can get in to as long as you get your crap done I guess huh? But I think there are alot of people that have the mentality that you should at least be doing something even if its busy work. yeah...ok  

Blogger jasmine said...

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