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The Wann

TheWann formely known as the Airman in Iraq blog, since I am no longer in Iraq I decided to make this still for family and friends, with a wider stretch of thoughts for anyone else. 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

10:40 AM - Fun times...

Well...much fun in the last couple of days. Sunday was Sunday of course, I set up two of the Masses and after the second one we were invited to come chill with some of the Army folks in the back. This specific group are from some islands (I can't say what group or what islands though...secret blah blah blah) but they had a pig roast! Boy oh boy can these guys cook!! They don't even go to the DFACs (Chow Halls) They cook there own food because it tastes better. If they do go to the DFAC they bring it back and spice it up with their own spices. So they got this 195 lbs pig. cooked it for about 15 hours or so made this awesome sauce to go with it...I am going to get the recipe and share...maybe you will need a Top Secret though :-) But when I was there it was so fun, like you weren't even in the war zone! All of them related in one way or another. I think there were 5 sets of brothers many cousins, nephews, uncles, no son and father though...that would have been pretty cool I think. I got some pics of it and will hopefully get them soon and post it. Well after eating two piling plates of pork and rice (lots of pork) the Father and I went to the Air Forces Birthday party. I am the youngest in the chapel and he is the oldest so we were selected. It was alright, nothing too special really, but I couldn't stand the site of meat! Turned my tummy all crazy like! Way too much grease and fat with all that pork I had. Oh yeah I even ate some of the skin...didn't think it would taste good I mean hell its skin, but man that had a lovely little crisp to it! Anyway the B-day party was whatever I guess...
Hmm... yesterday was my day off. Played Texas Hold 'em again. made to the final 6 people out of 32 not too bad really. but my chip count wasn't near high enough and the blinds were 30/60 I only had a few hundred left. They had several hundred if not 1-2 grand so I went all in blind got 6-7 suited everyone folded but another guy he jsut didn't want to give me the money like that so we fliped he had 6-Q off suited and the community cards didn't do a thing for us so he won Q high!!!!!!!! oh well it would have only lasted another hand or two. If you win you get a 25$ gift certificate at the local PX (military wal-mart). My E-5, not my supervisor decided to move my desk while I was off and switch my desk with his. I thought that was very nice of him to do on my day off, and not ask or anything like that. Whatever if thats the wrost thing to happen while I am here then I had a good deployment! Just rude thats all. Well here is the pic to go with the one below... I just hope I get the ones of the pig roast soon.
Till next time...LATE


Blogger JAWS said...

Well, brother it is good to hear that you deployment isn't all that bad. Sounds like your job is also pretty laid back. My question is where did they get that pig? If it was wild how many diseases did it have? So what kind of jerk off do you have for a E-5 that would take your desk without conversing with you first. I would saw the legs off his desk now or take the screws out of his chair. See how he likes that. It is all fair when your in the warzone! Peace!  

Blogger binarypunk said...

I am not sure if I can say how we got the pig over here (actually that was the last of 6 pigs) but it was flown in from some place and it was hella good. We don't talk about this E-5, he is starting to get some people....upset I think.  

Anonymous Daddy and Mummy said...

Let's see if dad and mom can help. Open all the drawers in the desk and shake them so everything is mixed up inside. It's not much, but it's the little things that bug people the most. Misplace most of the pens/pencils, but protect your own. a little honey from dfac's in each corner of the desk drawers. Over time it smears and gets everything slightly sticky but gradually. Honey, etc. in front of his bed or barracks. I have more. just let me know. So much can be done with sand if only you could find some. A dead snake under his pillow. Just always keep it small and piddling so he gets iritated more and more slightly over time. It's a great way to bide your time. Always stay quiet and anonymous!!! Pay back can be a bitch.

Stay close to those islanders! They'll come in handy Thanksgiving and Christmas :>

We went to Grandma Nanney's for supper tonight after working on 170b. We're almost done and Mom's done most of the work. Had pizza and strawberry shortcake. Always get a good meal at Grandma's. When I was on deployment I began to live on smoked oysters, hotsauce and Annie Green springs. The beer was lousy. I understand about good military chow. When I got back to the states Grandma wanted to take me out to a big steak dinner (in Gulfport, Ms., incidently) but I was so tired of steak and lobster from the Navy, I just wanted to eat greasy stateside burgers and fries. Keep yourself cool and safe. Mom and Dad  

Anonymous Dad said...

By the way, I know the plane you're in fornt of, but what exactly are you pointing at, bullet holes?  

Blogger binarypunk said...

LOL No they are the amout of Hell Fire Missles that have been shot off of this specific Predator.  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally a pic we can see! (:8*)

Anyhow, if she's the Woof4, I guess I'm the Woof4dan.

Today I'll just be
'the cousin dad'.

First, I'll just say HEY!

Just 'cuz!!

Second, How ya doin'?

Third, Keep your head down, your butt (not the cancer stick ) covered, and your Mouth Shut.

Well, I know that last one is impossible. LOL!!!

Stay Safe, and come back home in one piece.

Our prayers are with you!

Cousin Dan

P.S. Vick says, you're so handsome. (:p  

Blogger SQWoof4 said...

Hummm, how da ya edit the profile?
there should be a link to do that, but I can't find the thing.


Blogger SQWoof4 said...

Nevermind! I found the BIG blue button. Duh!  

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